The usage of this program can cause permanent hearing damages!

Please be adviced, that your hearing may be damaged irreparable if you listen audible content on your iPod on a high Volume level!

Disclaimer: The author of this program - Hans-Peter Dusel - is not responsible for any damage this application will cause.

Use this App on your own Risk!

Please Note,

that this programs runs on a Apple Macintosh only!

If you are looking for a equivalent program supposed for Windows, then pls. use Espen Ringoms euPODVolumeBooster!

Download now!

What is new?! There are a couple of new things! Please read the Version-History!

If you've asked yourself, why iTunes retransmits all songs to the iPod again after Boosting, then please read the "Frequently asked questions"!

! Warning !

Since a couple of Weeks I get notifications from Users which says that despite iPodVolumeBooster detects their iPod they cannot boost it.

My software claims thet they iPod carries 0 titles which is not the truth.

I have discovered this issue and found out that Apple hsa changed the way to store their metafiles within the iPod. Recently they used a proprietary format called the 'iTunesDB' but now they switched to a SQL-Lite Database.

This means that the current Version of iPodVolumeBooster cannot handle those new iPod Models or Models which are equipped with a newer Firmware (which is later since mid of 2009).

I'm sorry to tell that I cannot offer a quick solution for this issue, because I have to rewrite almost the whole code for this adaptation.

I cannot state how I'll start this refactoring and when a newer Version will available. First I have to check out if the Metadata stored in this SQL-Lite Database still carries the volume adaptation...

I'm sorry for this convenience!

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What is iPodVolumeBooster?
iPodVolumeBooster is a small Application which acts as a Workaround for the Volume Limited iPod's which are sold in the Europe area.

In order to perform this, the program changes a database which is commonly maintained by the iPod.

Thus the mp3 files carried by the iPod will not be touched!

iPodVolumeBooster is written in Cocoa and can be used only on an Apple Macintosh running on Mac OS X.

V1.0 does now even work on Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar).
iPodVolumeBooster at a glance
  • iPodVolumeBooster has got a little Brother named iPodVolumeBoosterInstant and it does exactly whats its told in his name - It boosts instantly: If you start it, then it boost your iPod with the recent value you have used in iPodVolumeBooster and finishhes afterwards.

    Since the intentionally goal of this program is to prevent any interaction you will find no graphical user interface.

    But you can perform some settings anyway. Just hold the SHIFT-Button depressed while the application launches and you will get the Preferences.

    Here you can choose whether the iPod shoul be unmounted after an Instant Boost or not (default is not to unmount) or how the feedback while boosting should occur.

    Default is that a kind of window smotthly fades in, shows the progress and fades away afterwards as it appeared.
  • Seamless amplification of your iPods outputpower for all currently available iPods (4th Gen. and Minis too!)
  • Automatic detection if an iPod is connected or has been removed.
  • Choose if you want to issue the batterypower in symbolic or numeric manner on your iPods display.
  • On 1st and 2nd Generation iPod iPodVolumeBooster removes the EU Volume limitation too and should even work with the iPod mini!
  • Caution: My Program does not support the iPod touch and iPhone because these models does not offer a so called "Disk Mode"!
  • A Infopanel shows you something about your iPod.
  • Eject the iPod even with the Menuicon (if turned on (default)).

    Just press The ALT key while klicking on the Icon and your iPod will be ejected!
  • Quickboost by Menuicon, Dockmenü or Menü Shortcut
  • Automatic softwareupgradecheck that keeps you up to date about recent Versions of iPodVolumeBooster (requres a connection to the Internet).
  • Extensive Onlinemanual
  • Free of charge because iPodVolumeBooster is freeware!
Supported iPods
Actually Volume has been intentionally written for 3G iPods. Since Version 0.14 it does support 1st, 2nd and 4th Generation iPods too and all available iPodMinis as well.

If you "Boost" these iPods a Dialog will ask you if you want to remove the VolumeCap (if any exists). So you can even affect the VolumeCap on these Models too.

However the slider "Volume Level" does not have any impact on these Models.

The Menuicon
Watch out this brandnew Feature! Now you can show an icon in the Menubar which is supposed for quick boosts.

Since this icon is acessible from every App you can boost from everywhere without the need to change to the VolumeBooster GUI first.

You may control this by the Preferences Pane.

Actual: [1.2 MByte] MD5=6f09e1c7eebe7e057ce93ee663010f05

Older Versions

1.4 [1.3 MByte] 13420e86f4bd496039d021d18cc0bec7
1.3 [1.1 MByte] 01f5ee8ef2ed31b288fcb376dda34489
1.2 [1.0 MByte] a5dcdc316f8155e837c3b677000defde
1.1 [1.0 MByte] f342941bef9cfeb1955d7961cc1e2d56
1.0 iPodVolumeBoost1.0.dmg.sit [620 kByte] f78341510549acd923cf498dacfb8cde
0.14Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.14Beta.dmg.sit [436 kByte] 5a5b57654757f3c1b48ed10b48cd0da5
0.13Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.13Beta.dmg.sit [424 kByte] d6a3d0198444fb41cd4d5a94d30ca1e1
0.12Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.12Beta.dmg.sit [396 kByte] 999f1f491a4355264f98b52aa6694fdb
0.11Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.11Beta.dmg.sit [440 kByte] 974db78fd4eeeab75be49107685d3fe8
0.10Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.10Beta.dmg.sit

(This is the only version which runs on OS X 10.1.5 too!)

[163 kByte] deebb3ed2689290830760e65f0e80f51
0.9Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.9Beta.sit [136 kByte] 7776fdec5c0af07f71291548001736b9
0.8Beta iPodVolumeBoost0.8Beta.sit [128 kByte] d258c00d80bc05d6726462b75c38dade
Version History
V1.4 Oct-10-2007 fixed: iPodVolumeBooster 1.3 caused some trouble when the newly introduced iPod Classic is boosted. Afterwards he claimed that he carries no music anymore. This problem is fixed in this version.
added: Some minor tweaks in the iPod Info-Panel. iPodVolumeBooster does now show more informations by acquiring the USB-Info when applicable.
V1.3 Jul-10-2007 fixed: Since the Introduction of iTunes V7.3 iPodVolumeBooster 1.2 does not recognize any Titles on your iPod. This problem is fixed in this version.
added: iPodVolumeBooster does now recognize when iTunes uses an external Music-Library.
V1.2 Mar-15-2007 fixed: Since the Introduction of iTunes V7.1 iPodVolumeBooster 1.1 refused to work. This problem is fixed in this version.
V1.1 Mar-01-2006 added: A Bug which arise since the introduction of iTunes V4.9 which leads iPodVolumeBooster to crash. This bug is related to the new PodCast Feature and has been fixed in V1.1
    fixed: iPodVolumeBooster does now maintain a Boost Log which is carried on your iPod. This Boost Log holds the 100 recent boosts and is accessible either:
  1. on the iPod itself (there a a special File called BoostLog in the iPod Notes.
  2. In iPodVolumeBooster itself when you have connected the iPod.
    changed: Reintroduced the facility to boost negative in order to reduce the Volume of the iPod. I've put this feature back from V0.4 again on request of a couple of users.
    changed: The Volume level of all titles can now be restored according the settings in iTunes.
    added: The Model Info Pane does now show the capacity of your iPod too.
    added / fixed: New Localizations.

The following Languages has been added:

  • Dutch by Henk van Oeffel
  • French by Jean-Christophe Lenoble
Many Thanks Henk and Jean Christophe for your extensive work! You've helped me so much!

Thank you Guys for the flawless cooperation and the very kind Contact!

  • The English Localization has been revised completly by David Herren.

    Many Thanks David for our nice gossip anyway! ;)

    changed: Revised iPod Recognition code.
    changed/added: Support of all currently distibuted iPod Models. Even the shuffle, nano and 5th Gen (Video) iPods are supported.

BTW: Many Thanks for all of hints an tips profiles whatever you've sent me to track these issues!

Pls. Have a look into the About-Dialog of iPodVolumeBooster for the credits.

    changed: The iPods of the 1st Generation now are handled exactly the same way like his brothers. This will lead in an additional Boost of the Volume!
    changed: The iPod nano will be handled slightly different in order to get more boost ;-)

Many Thanks to Thomas Pfaff who helped me very much in this concern!

    changed: Guess what? The Graphical User Interface has been updated again ;-)
V1.0 Mar-20-2004 added: iPodVolumeBooster has got a little brother named iPodVolumeBoosterInstant.

With this little Program you can - the name says it all - boost you iPod in one step. How it works is simple: It starts, boosts with the value you have boosted the last time by using iPodVolumeBooster and finishes afterwards.

Since it's work is so simple this little program has no Userinterface. If you want to change the Value to boost to, then just do it one time in iPodVolumeBooster.
So keep in mind - iPodVolumeBoosterInstant will use this value!

However you can perform some settings for iPodVolumeBoosterInstant anyway.

To do so, hold the SHIFT key depress when you launch iPodVolumeBoosterInstant. Then you'll get a short preferences window on which you can set up if you want iPodVolumeBoosterInstant to unmount your iPod after Boosting, or how iPodVolumeBoosterInstant should give you a feedback (or not) while Boosting.

There is another hidden Feature in iPodVolumeBoosterInstant: If you keep the Mousebuton depressed while launching, then it will Boost with the Value zero regardless of the previous setting in iPodVolumeBooster.

added: Quickicon in the Menubar in order to boost more quickly. Since a Icon iin the Macs Menu bar is always present out from every Application, this is a very convenient way to boost frome everywhare on every time.

If you klick on this icon, the the program will boost with the value you have set in the GUI recently. If you press the ALT Key in addition, then TheiPod will be ejected (unmounted).

You may control if this icon should be present or not in the menubar in the revised preferences pane (Icon with the black hand).

added: The iPod can now unmounted even on the GUI or the applications menu.
changed: iPodVolumeBooster is now even smarter in cooperation with iTunes!

If iPodVolumeBooster is running before you start iTunes, then it will temporarily boost your iPod to zero in order to prevent iTunes to resync all songs. If you unmount the iPod or if you quit iPodVolumeBooster afterwards, then iPodVolumeBooster will restore the remembered (last boosted) value again.

added: The iPod Mini should now be supported too. Due the lack of one of these models this implementation is not proved. May anybody which owns one of these Player pls. geve me an feedback regarding this issue? Thanks in advance! ;-)
added: You may even boost by using the Applications Dockmenu.
changed: The mounting and unmounting of the iPod is now notified via the Workspace and more responsive.
added: An infopanel (icon with a bulb) tells you something about your iPod.

In addition you can send this information to me (or everyone else) per email by just a mouseclick.

added: Some more or less informative (painful? ;-) ) message which warns you about taht the usage of this program can cause permanent hearing damages if you listen music too loud on your iPod after applying this application.

Further you need to agree that you have agreed this terms and the disclaimer that I am not responsible for any damage this application will probably cause. This message will be shown when you start the program at least the first time.

changed: The scaling of the volume to boost to is now in a range of 0...100%

I have learned that Values above +30 of the previous versions does not caused any further effective increase of the volume.

In the contrary - bigger values will cost you dynic range by choosing the Volume at you iPod.

For example: Asume you boost to +100 (which was just possible on V0.10). Then unmount the iPod and listen any piece of music. Did you recognize any further effective increase of volume when the VolumeBar on your iPod is over 40% percent. I've learned that it doesn't.

The remaining 60% the volume remains at the still quite loud level whithout any further increase. So I did some tests and learned, that +30 ist the maximum value which will cover the whole range of the iPods total scale to choose the volume.

In order to prevent any confusion in the future I decided to scale the Volume from 0...100%.

Now 0% Means the Value 0 and +100% means +30 of the previous Versions.

I dropped the negative values. Is anybody out there which needs this? If this is the case, then pls. let me know!

added: Autmatically adaption of your old settings to the new (percentual) scaling. Migration of the old settings in order to sustain the old effect. Please refer the FAQs for further infos.
changed: Some changes in the GUI and menustructure in order to improve the usability.
added: Expensive help.
V0.14 Dec-27-2003 added: Support for 1st and 2nd Generation iPods. If you press "Boost" the App will now determine if the connected iPod is one of these Models and then if an 'iPod_Control/Device/Limit' file exists.

Afterwards it will remove it on request. So you should even use VolumeBooster on these iPods too.

added: After Boosting the program issues now a warning that iTunes will retransmit all the songs again if you are doing a resync and you have told iTunes to maintain the Playlists manually.
added: Some thanks in the about dialog supposed for the Guys who helped me to find the nasty V0.13 Font bug ;-)
fixed: Since I have switched to Panther I used some features of this new OS. This refused the Program to run on OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar). This issue should be fixed now and the App schould run on Jaguar as well. Sorry I have no way to check it out right now because I have no Mac running Jaguar. May anybody try this out please?
fixed: The Battery Power is issued in Volts but than in remaining minutes till empty as wrongly asumed by me. So I fixed some texts accordingly.

Thanks to for this hint!

V0.13 Dec-25-2003 fixed: A really stupid bug (asumption) that the Font Chicaco does existst on all Macs caused the program to crash immediately after it starts. In this Version I've fixed this.

Now it uses the system font as fallback, if Chicago does not exists on your System. Because it did on my Macs I had no trouble...

So I have learned something (again): Expect the unexpected ;-)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Many many thanks especial for Andree, Manfred, Manuel and J@ffa for her great assistence which helped me to find this Bug! Thank you Guys!

V0.12 Dec-24-2003 fixed: As mall bug caused to updated the GUI wrongly sometimes.

(Advice for Insiders: This is because the order of several awakeFromNib calls are not predictable. So I syncronized the internal launch by a NSApplicationWillFinishLaunchingNotification event.)

changed: All internal Graphics resources from TIFF to PNG files. This will reduce the size and the images are looking as expected ;-)

Well, it seems that the interpretation of TIFF is not unique. This may caused by the transparency information within the images. Now (with PNG) the GUI looks as expected and designed based on the Photoshop files.

added: A cute midi-file for the X-Mas Editon ;-)
V0.11 Dec-20-2003 added: The program issues now a message whent it has finished a "Boost".
changed: The maximum Boost is now limited to +40 because there is now effective gain for greater Values.
changed: The applications Window is now shown in brushed metal in order to reflect this is a Utility in regard of the Apple Human Guidelines for Mac OS 10.3
changed: A display like the iPod does now issue the informations and some User Feedbacks.
changed: The current settings of the Battery Power (symbol or number) will be displayed in the GUI in order to reflect the current settings in the preferences pane.
changed: Improved Version Checking for automatic updates by a code refactoring.
changed: Some minor improvements and fixes of no serious bugs.
added: Just launch the program on X-Mas - enjoy ;-)
V0.10 Dec-1st-2003 added: In this Version I added a option which allows you to choose if you want the iPod issue the Battery Power as a concrete time in Minutes rather than the icon which will be displayed at the upper right corner of the iPods Display.

You've again control to this setting via the Preferences pane.

However, this is an "undocumented feature" of the iPod which I've gathered from the Web I can't promise that this will sustain. Anyway you'll find this useful ;-)

V0.9 Nov-7-2003 added: Now iPodVolumeBooster plays the typical sound a 3G iPod is emitting, when connected or disconnected.
added: Localization for english language.
changed: Some minor optimizations and improvements in the iPodLibrary.
User Feeback

Harry (Dec-28-2003)

Sehr geehrter Herr Dusel,

ich möchte mich auch sehr herzlich für die geniale Lösung bedanken.

Danke, Danke, Danke!!!



Wo ist das Spendenkonto???

Dietmar (Dec-15-2003)


ich wollte nur DANKE sagen für
dieses geile und sehr nützliche
tool das meinem ipod endlich die
nötige power verliehen hat.

vielen dank & weiter so,

Frank from Wuppertal(Germany) (Dec-12-2003)

Lieber Hans-Peter Dusel,

meinen herzlichen Dank für die Lösung einer schier unlösbaren Aufgabe: dem
iPod der 3. Generation endlich richtig "Leben" einzuhauchen. Ich wollte
schon nicht mehr daran glauben, dass es noch einen Weg für Mac-Nutzer geben
würde. Immer wieder suchte ich das Netz und zahlreiche Foren ab, war fast
schon so weit, einen iPod in den USA zu bestellen...

Und dann fand ich es: iPodVolumeBooster, das kleine Programm, was es endlich
möglich macht, auch beim Sport Musik in der passenden Lautstärke zu hören.
Wirklich traumhaft !!!

Am liebsten würde ich iPodVolumeBooster im gesamten Netz promoten, da es
sicher noch viele - unter der europäischen volume cap - Leidende gibt, doch
wahrscheinlich wäre das nicht klug und würde das Ende von iPodVolumeBooster


Wie auch immer: iPodVolumeBooster ist genial, für mich fast so etwas wie ein
Weihnachtsgeschenk :-))

Yves from Belgium (Dec-9-2003)

Hi Peter,

Great app, really superb!! I don't think this is really a "problem" you get volume instead!

What I found out is that there is no iPod icon when i start the app, but it works and tells me how many songs i have, so maybe you know what is missing.

Thanks again!


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